Custom Card Boxes

I have always had the love for crafts and building things. I have a special gift that I have discovered. I made all types of beautiful decor but nothing like this. I never try to make money with my Creations. The problem is my creations are so unique everyone wants to buy them. I have a demand from customers to make more or to create them a masterpiece at any cost. Everyone loves my card boxes. They are made by custom orders for any event and any theme. I have made card boxes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. They are eye catching and always the talk of every event. They are usually the first thing someone sees. Being that people put gifts and cards on a table or in a gift bag. If you are in need of a custom made one of a kind box contact me. I won’t fail you. Check out my beautiful work. Email me at and I respond within 24-48 hours or text 2525141206 


About Me

I have been around the world and still feel my calling isn’t complete. I want to know and learn as much as my brain can possibly hold. I go through alot of racing thoughts from my mental disorders. Obsession sets in and my obsession at this time is marking myself a success. Not at all do I mean, that I am not successful. I’m very successful in multiple things. Everything I have tried I over achieved it. In my mind I feel I can do anything I put my mind too. My site is to let others see what I want and obsess over. If your anything like me you have tried everything under the sun. I went from a Combat Veteran that served my country, to being a crafter, party planner, accountant, fax preparation, child care, catering, doll house builder, and the list goes on. Together we can can find a venture together. Being successful is what I dream of. My successful may be different than yours. Success is in the hands of the holder. Dream on my friend, touch what is closest to your sole.

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